What is VidAngel?

What is this VidAngel that I link to so frequently? VidAngel is a streaming movie service that allows you to filter out any content that you choose from a movie, while leaving in all of the content that you don’t want to filter out. Each movie costs $1 per day for SD, or $2 per day for HD.

This video explains how it works pretty well (and to clarify, if you fail to sell your movie back within 24 hours, you aren’t stuck with it, you just get charged for an extra day). –

Also, here is a video that explains the service in greater detail:

I use VidAngel because there are many films that I would choose not to watch based on a relatively small portion of their content. VidAngel gives me the freedom to remove that content, thus allowing me to be free to enjoy the film without the material that I find objectionable.

Further explanation of why I am a fan of filtered movies can be found here.