Filtered/Edited Movies – Why I Support Them

I believe that everyone has the freedom to choose what content is in the movies that they watch, thus I support people who choose to watch edited versions of film. I personally am a fan of the online service called VidAngel (which I discuss in greater detail here) which allows viewers to choose exactly what they want filtered out of each movie that they watch.

So what do I filter out? Any content that I feel will make me uncomfortable. However, what makes me uncomfortable may not make you uncomfortable, and vice versa.  Likewise, content that I do not want to see in the context of a specific film, I may feel fine watching in the context of a different film. Everyone has different tastes, and I feel that I really have no position telling people what they should or should not be comfortable watching. Thus, I will choose to edit out what I want edited out, and I will leave to each individual to choose whether to edit a film, and what to edit from it if they do.

That said, please keep in mind that because I choose to watch many films in edited form, you should never assume assume that I endorse an unedited version of a movie. For example, I quite enjoyed the recent film The Big Short, but there were definitely parts of that film that I edited out. It is the responsibility of every film-viewer to review the content of the film, and to choose whether or not they want to edit it before watching.