McKoo’s Movie Club Is Finally Here!

resized_all-the-things-meme-generator-watch-all-the-movies-d835bfSo you know those regularly-held book clubs that people go to? Where a book is picked and then everyone reads it and comes back together a little while later to discuss it? For quite some time now, I’ve wondered why such a concept isn’t more regularly utilized as a way to watch movies. So I figured, why not start my own? In fact, that was the inspiration for creating this blog, as well as what I hope will be its main purpose: as an opportunity for an internet community to watch films together and discuss them.

So how will this work? Each week on Thursday, I plan to pick a film and all those who are interested can watch it during the following week (I’ve chosen Thursdays because that gives you an opportunity to have a movie night during the upcoming weekend, if you so desire). Then on the following Thursday, I will make a post reviewing and discussing what I thought of the film. Everyone who watched it in the past week (or has watched it at any point in time, really), can feel free to join the discussion in the comments section of that post. At the bottom of that post, I will then tell what the movie is for the following week. Overall, I’d like this to be a pretty low-commitment opportunity for movie-lovers to discover new and old films to watch and rewatch, and to provide a location for us to discuss them. That said, if you’re not interested in a film that has been chosen for a particular week, that’s totally fine. Stop by the next week, scroll down to the end of that post, and check out what the film for that new week is, and hopefully it will be one that is of greater interest to you.

What kind of movies will we watch? All the kinds! Classics, recent blockbusters, award-winning films, and fan-favorites! The only kind of movie I won’t choose are the ones that are currently in theaters. I recognize that movie-going can be expensive, so I plan to choose only films that are available through various rental services, so that people aren’t spending a ridiculous amount of money on movies each week. I’m also completely open to suggestions! I can’t guarantee that I will choose every film that people suggest, but I will try to get around to many of them.

Now, the important question is, what movie will we start with? Well, with Civil War coming out next week, I thought I’d choose a relevant one:

THIS WEEK’S FILM: Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It is available for rent on Netflix DVD, Google Play, Amazon, and VidAngel.


4 thoughts on “McKoo’s Movie Club Is Finally Here!

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